Find out what real users have to say about FC2®

Sean, 33

“It almost feels like—almost—like there’s no condom there…”

Anastasia, 21

“I always, always worry about pregnancy…”


“Best condom I’ve ever used. One size TRULY fits all! Latex free Control your sexual health!!”


“It was easier to insert than I thought it would be. One try was all I needed. I was not disappointed by the way it performed either. “wink wink..nudge nudge”. What did he think? He was totally fine with it. “Born free, free as the wind blows…free as the grass grows.”


Control & Choice

“That’s fine if you don’t like them. I’m going to use this female condom for myself…”

Latex-Free Dual Protection

“It became like a second skin for me. It felt great for me; it felt great for him. It was great!”

Dual Protection AND Pleasure

“More pleasure with the female condom than the male condom? Absolutely!”

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More Coverage

“The other types of condoms not always preventing against things like Herpes or HPV…”

Natural & Pleasurable

“Once we used it, once he saw that it didn’t feel any different, once he saw that it didn’t have any weird side effects or weird feeling to it, it was perfect!”

Next to Nothing

“You don’t feel like you’re wearing a condom…”